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Pinterest as an SEO/Lead Generation tool.

I made this little video about how I like to use Pinterest as a lead generation tool.  Enjoy.

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How to get an hour’s worth of cardio workout in 15 minutes

I’ve never been a huge runner, but there’s a lot of evidence that shows that you can do interval-type workouts and get the same amount of cardio by doing intervals as you would in an hour of running slowly.  Add hills to the mix, and you’ve got the recipe for a great, compact workout!

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4 Hour Body / Isagenix / Groupon Experiment RESULTS!

First of all…I’m obligated to tell you that I’m a slacker.  I am by NO means the most disciplined person on earth when it comes to this kind of thing.  I like my fries, I like my burgers.  If you have no idea what this article is about, start here and follow along.

5 Weeks ago, I was doing a social media training in Kelowna, Canada, and I got a Groupon for a 10 punch pass to a local gym for $35.  This was a gym I was going to join anyway, so it was a no-brainer.  I decided to do a little experiment on myself.  Combining the ideas of the book The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, a nutritional program by Isagenix, and a Groupon for a local gym, how might it transform my body in 5 weeks?

For reference, here’s where I started on April 25th, 2011.

I mean…I wasn’t terrible. But there was work to be done, and I was more fascinated with what might happen if I stayed consistent with a program.

I have to say, I wasn’t GREAT in the afternoons.  I always started my days with an Isagenix Shake. That was my lifeblood for the day. It gave me consistent energy, and no afternoon crash.  If that day was a gym day, I would usually have the shake first, then head to the gym.  On those workout days, I really got into a routine and had a GREAT workout that was efficient and fast.  In fact, in the time I did this experiment, I spent no more than 20 minutes at the gym each time.  That’s right, I’m saying I spent less than 4 hours TOTAL at the gym in 5 weeks. (20 minutes X 10 trips = 3 hours, 20 minutes total at the gym).  The purpose of this experiment was to show people that you didn’t have to invest a ton of time (or money) to get the results that you are looking for.  What it requires, more than raw hours or money, is consistency.

Anyway, back to “not being great”.  My lunches were very consistent.  I had a steady diet of Qdoba, Illegal Pete’s, or Chipotle for lunch.  Burrito bowls, with no rice, black and pinto beans, a protein, a bunch of vegetables, and usually no cheese or sour cream.  Towards the end I added some light cheese to it, and didn’t notice much of a negative impact.  (As seen by the “After” pictures below.)

The afternoons, however, were a little rough for me.  Because I like working in coffee shops, I was quite tempted by a sweet treat after lunch sometimes.  A piece of coffee cake, the occasional doughnut, a chocolate chunk cookie.  I love me a chai, and sometimes you just have to dip, you know?  I usually tried to compensate for said “failure to adhere” by doing it on a day where I knew I was going to play racquetball or go for a run.  SOMETHING to negate the calories I just took in.  Anyway, here’s a shot of about 3/4 of the way through the program.  At this point, I’d lost about 2.5/3% bodyfat, and could definitely see the leanness in my face:












At this point there were definitive contours around my body, and people were definitely noticing.  My clothes were fitting better, so that was a plus.   I had about 2 weeks left at this point, and was determined to see it through.  In fact, the whole process was absolutely routine, which was what I was shooting for.  Becoming healthier and fit (want to?) doesn’t have to be this arduous process.  It just requires a little commitment.  Those office parties with the cupcakes, or that happy hour with a few beers after work…that will still be there once you get to your goal weight.  It’s far easier to MAINTAIN once you’ve gone through the process, rather than fight yourself as you’re going through the process.  Make sense?

Anyway, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the after picture:













It really gave me a lot of that “Brad Pitt in Fight Club” body that I was looking for.  I was down about 4% bodyfat (in 5 weeks), feel fantastic, and definitely am hearing some positive compliments from people.  More importantly, having gone through the process, I know what I need to do, and will always be able to “tune” myself to a particular event or tournament.  Needless to say, I’ll never go into a racquetball tournament with a few lbs to lose.  Having the ability to do this is nothing short of amazing…I now have a clear roadmap of products, timing, and routine to follow, and I hope you do to.

If you’d like any information on Isagenix, the Four Hour Body, or Groupon, please reach out and say hello.

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Easy Peasy. – 5 Week 4HB / Isagenix / Groupon Experiment Update

I’m well into week three of my 5 week experiment, and I have to say, it’s easy.  I’ve completely adapted my lifestyle to this, and am finding it really easy to have an Isagenix shake in the morning, a healthy lunch, and a shake for dinner.

My workouts are going really well, and I’m seeing some pretty incredible transformation in my body.  I’m stronger, *definitely* fitter, and have probably lost 3% body fat in 2.5 weeks.  Plus, I’m reminded how much ego is tied up into looking “good”.  I just feel better about myself, and feel like clothes look better on me.  That goes a long way in this society, I think.
Today, my kettle bell swings were pretty awesome.  I was able to do 60 swings (out of 75…though I did 90) without stopping, which is a new record for me.  I haven’t been able to do the full 75 at once, yet.  I’m using a 53 lb. kettle bell.  The good news is, when I started this just two and a half weeks ago, I was only able to do 25-30 at once. So, I’m definitely getting stronger and feeling better.
I’ve also added a few other exercises, such as a decline press, hammer curls, and a really painful ab exercise to the mix.  That said, I’m still in and out of the gym in about 20 minutes.  My total gym time over the five weeks will be less than 4 hours.  The idea here is, with minimum time commitment, and the right plan, one can transform ones body.  That’s at least what I’m trying to demonstrate.
For the last week, I’ll probably do a couple of cleanse days, just to take it to that next level.
Bumps in the road:

Just like everyone…I’m not a machine.  I’ve hit some bumps in the road along the way.  Normally I have one “cheat” day per week, where I eat whatever I want, and as much of it as I want.  I do this for a number of reasons.
  1.  Since I’m on a fairly caloric-restricted diet during the week, I don’t want my metabolism to think “Oh hey…we’re not getting any fuel here, so we’d better start storing fat and sloooow things down”.  I want my metabolism to spike on that cheat day, so it knows to stay fast.
  2. Mentally, a cheat day is a perfect idea.  That way, you can eat really clean all week, knowing that your cheat day can contain all the pizza, cookies, and junk food you want it to, in unlimited quantities.  But wait…won’t that make a person gain weight? Typically, one might have gained a few lbs the day after a cheat day, but since most cheat days contain tons of carbs, they’ve converted to sugar and water weight.  It goes away in a day or two, and you’re right back where you were.  
  3. Contrast – When you have a cheat day and gorge on crappy food, you feel like complete crap. Following a clean diet allows your body to perform like a well-oiled machine.  When you have a cheat day, you’re instantly reminded of how lethargic, bloated, and miserable you feel when you eat terrible (but yummy) food all day.  The result?  You don’t want to feel like that for a few more days, until the end of the week.  Anyone can make it 6 days without gorging on crap, if they set their mind to it.  This is not supposed to be about denial, it’s supposed to be about a lifestyle change.  Remember that if you’re following a nutritional program like Isagenix.  
Anyway, I took another cheat day yesterday, because I was pretty grumpy, and wouldn’t be denied.  Pringles, Mike & Ikes, Fish & Chips, Chicken Parm and Pasta.  All terrible things for your waistline, but quite tasty going down.  However….the intended result happened.  I felt terrible, and couldn’t wait to grab a healthy shake this morning.  By tomorrow morning, I’ll be back to fine fettle, and won’t have missed a beat.  I’m not a machine, and you’re not either.  Just be consistent, and continue to work towards your goal!
Until next time…
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Isagenix / Four Hour Body / Groupon Experiment, Day 4

So far, this has been an easy week.  I’m not changing a WHOLE lot about what I normally do, but I’m more consistent about it.  Monday was my first gym workout (which I’m feeling pretty sore from today), and I played a couple hours of hard racquetball on Tuesday.  I tweaked my shoulder a bit on Tuesday night, so I laid off of much exercise yesterday.  I was between throwing some clothes on and running Wash Park, or stopping by Izakaya den for a happy hour glass of wine.

So, how does Isagenix fit in?

Wine won.
Today I might do visit number 2 to the gym, though I’m feeling a tad under the weather.  (Which is odd, and rare).
Here was my meal plan yesterday:
10 AM – 2  Scoops Isalean Shake, and a bit of almond butter
1:45 PM – Chipotle chicken burrito bowl. Black and pinto beans, no rice, corn salsa, lettuce, hot sauce.  No cheese, no sour cream, no tortilla.
4 PM – Starbucks Chai Latte
6:30 PM – 1 Glass Pinot Noir
8 PM – 2  Scoops Isagenix Shake, and a bit of almond butter
10 PM.  3 Crackers, because I wanted them.
Overall, mostly carb-free and approx 1200 calories.  Not hungry in the slightest.
On days that I play racquetball or something, I might add an Isagenix snack to the mix.
Physically, I already can tell a difference.  My stomach is flatter, and my pants are starting to get loose on me.  I didn’t do my weight at the beginning of it, but this wasn’t really about weight.  I know what I normally weigh (About 165lbs), so we’ll see how this goes.  The pictures will tell the tale.
See you soon!
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5 Week Isagenix / 4 Hour Body Experiment, Day 1, Workout 1

So, I was shot out of a cannon today.  Just über-productive, and really rocking it.  Connecting with a bunch of new folks, sending follow ups…all good.

But, today was Day 1 of my 5 Week Groupon, 4 Hour Body, Isagenix experiment.
I shuffled on over to the gym around 1 pm today.  I am using a Groupon for a 10-Punch pass to the gym in the University of Denver.  Met with a really nice girl at the counter (Info gotten, Isagenix info sent…) who was a bit of a rock star and got me started.
The workout I’m doing is a modified version from the book The Four Hour Body (http://www.fourhourbody.com) by Timothy Ferriss, who also wrote The Four Hour Workweek.  A lot of it is based on M.E.D., or the “Minimum Effective Dose” of exercise needed to gain the results you want.  This was today’s workout:
Two Arm Kettle Bell Swings – 75 reps at 53lbs (split into 35 & 40 with one minute in between to catch my breath.  I can’t go straight through yet)
Incline Dumbell Bench Press – 3 Sets of 5. (45/55/60lbs)  I’ll probably start with 60 next workout.
The Myotatic Crunch – 15 Reps with no weight.  (I’ll add weight next time, but I wanted to give my body a little “Hi, we’re working out now” option)
The “Cat Vomit” Exercise – I think I did 10 Reps, but they are hard! 
Left Arm Cross Pulls – A bunch of them, to counter all of the work I do with my right side during racquetball.  I need to balance my torso out because my right side is so strong.  Like bull.
Bonus: 20 minutes of post workout racquetball drills.  Just to loosen up and prevent too much lactic acid from building up. 

TOTAL TIME (not including racquetball) 22 minutes.

By the end of my 10 punch pass, I will expect to have spent less than 4 hours total at the gym, with marked results.    Wish me luck!
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How To Get A Free Car…

…or a free house.  Or really, anything you want.

The average car payment in the United States is around $475 per month.  Now, in order to get this car for free, that means we need to generate at least $475 per month in passive income to cover the cost of it.  This term, “passive income” may require some explanation for some of you, and perhaps a little background.
In the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, he defines the word “Wealth” as “how long you can maintain your current lifestyle without working”. For example, if you have $3000 in the bank, and your monthly bills, including everything, are $1500, you are wealthy for 2 months. It’s fairly simple math at that point.  Do your budget, figure out what your monthly expenditure is, then look at the myriad of choices for generating passive income available to us to cover the costs of your monthly bills.  Some examples might be real estate, (Your mortgage costs you $1200/month, and your renters pay $1500/month resulting in a positive passive income cash flow of $300/month) information products, (eBooks, courses) iPhone apps, eBay sales, and of course his favorite, network marketing.

Network Marketing is a terrifying term for many of you reading this.  You know someone that was in Amway, or did a company and got burned by buying a bunch of products that they got stuck with.  But I’ll introduce you to a novel concept…just like not all cars (I’m sure you’ve had one that broke down on you…did you stop driving?) are created equal, just like all companies (some are terrible products, with terrible leadership or customer service) are not created equal, just like not all restaurants are created equal, what would make you think that all network marketing companies are created equal? Hate the company, not the industry. If you think about it logically, instead of spending millions of dollars advertising, network marketing companies make their money by word-of-mouth advertising.  Do your research;  The companies that have been in business for years, and have good products that people want to use over and over again are the good ones to look into.  Think of it like this: if the products weren’t good, people wouldn’t want to use them month after month. It’s as simple as that.

With that, lets talk about your free car again.  In August of 2009, I signed on with a network marketing company called Isagenix.  They are a nutritional company, and the products have a fantastic benefit of helping people lose weight if they need it.  But it’s not a weight loss company. It’s just the “easy button” for good nutrition.  It helps a body by getting rid of the toxins we are barraged by in our food supply, water supply, and air.  It helps people get healthy, and in the process, some lose weight.

In my first 6 months of the company, my “take home” pay averaged a little more than $700/month.  Now, if I was just doing it part time, and on the side, guess what that means?  That means I not only earned a free car every month, but paid for it’s insurance and gas as well.  In my first 6 months!  Now, that number is significantly higher now, but I can share with you, it’s NOT that hard.  It’s a great product and is perfectly positioned right now…the perfect time in the perfect place.
Lets say you don’t have a car payment.  What would happen if you just invested that $475 per month?
If you were to invest that $475 into a good mutual fund with a 12% rate of return, you’d have over $100,000 in 10 years!  At 20 years, you would have made $470,000.  And at 30 years?  That mutual fund would be worth $1.6 million!!

I’ll be the first one to tell you that network marketing companies are NOT a “get rich quick” scheme.  They require some work, some ambition, and some time.  They aren’t a “get rich quick”, but they ARE a “Get Wealthy Long”.
Even if you only made $475 per month, which in Isagenix counts as “2 cycles (1 cycle = $54) per week, how would that change your life?  Do you have a college fund to pay for?  Are you 25 and thinking about retirement or your family in the future?  Are you 50 and panicked about what you’re going to do in 15 years?
My team is waiting for you.  All it requires is a “yes”, and a little bit of faith.  We’ll take care of the rest.
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Awesome Isagenix Ad

Here’s an ad I did for my friend Kenyon.

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April 22, 2011
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This is the scariest thing ever. For me.

I have no problem getting on stage and giving an 8 hour seminar.

I have no problem playing drums for hundreds or thousands of people.

I have no problem recording videos and feeling natural, and honest.

But this picture scares the shit out of me.


These, are business cards.  And I have a LOT more where they came from.

Because I was a web guy, it was a very natural extension to use Social Media to do my connecting.  It’s what I know, and what I’m great at.  I rarely do something on social media that isn’t “intentional”.  Everything stems around connecting with people, but social media makes it really easy to do so.  We can go to Facebook (Are we Facebook friends yet?) and see their Wall, which contains pictures, posts, and plenty of stuff to “latch” onto.  But calling on the phone feels…different. It feels somehow more…“sales-ey” to me, and that’s something I never want to come across as; “A Sales Guy”.  My products with Isagenix just sell themselves, and so far it’s been pretty easy to grow my business.  We’re in the perfect place at the perfect time, and the products are just what people need to lose weight, gain more energy, or just recapture that vitality they’ve been missing for years.  Heck…for some it’s just a lazy path to follow for good nutrition.

That said, despite the fact that my business has continually grown over the last year and a half, I want it faster. I know I can accelerate the growth by adding more people to the team, and finding other business builders that are looking for passive streams of income, even if it’s just to make an extra car payment or loan payment every month.  Maybe pay a few utility bills.

What does that mean?  It means I have to prospect. So, to prospect in the traditional way, that means I’ve got to pick up the phone, and pound the pavement a bit.  But I’m not really sure what to say.  So, because I’m a resourceful type, and because I want to be a good leader for my team, I’m going to become an expert on prospecting.  I did a quick search on Larry Fuchs’ great website, http://www.personalpowerpodcast.com, and I found 3 calls about prospecting that I’m going to listen to:

Team Success Training Call with Susan Sly and Jeffery Combs:  “Prospecting and Closing” – January 3, 2011

Team Success Training Call with Michele Castle and guest Michael Barker: “Prospecting in your Back Yard” – January 10, 2011

HWF Team Call: Susan Sly “Prospecting, Connecting, Referrals” – January 11, 2011

Now, I’m not reinventing the wheel here.  I have a need, and thankfully there are people like Susan, Michele, Jeffrey, Michael, and of course Larry out there that are doing amazing trainings for the greater good.  Incidentally, that’s one of the greatest things about network marketing:  You can learn from successful entrepreneurs that willingly give their time and energy to teach people to be successful.  Try to find that in corporate America without spending thousands of dollars for it.

So…I’m off to load these calls onto my iPhone.  I’ll listen to them while I’m walking the dog or going for a run, and I’ll get to tackling that giant wall of business cards looming before me.  Of course, by then, they’ll look tiny, and I’ll dominate them.

Have an awesome week.


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